Ensuring your practice is on track for ICD 10

Long time Cortex customer, Cindy Hegner, provides insight during a CAP webinar to ensure your practice will be prepared for ICD 10. The deadline set by CMS, October 1st, 2014, is fast approaching and we want to make sure all of our customers are as prepared as they can be. Please take a moment and listen to this webinar on the CAP website.

Click the link below and click on ‘Previous Sessions’ tab. Scroll down to the section ‘Professional Development’. The webinar is ‘ICD 10: Is your practice on track for October 1, 2014 Implementation?’

Surviving Proposed Reimbursement Reductions

As we move into 2014 the biggest concern we hear from our customers is the reduction in revenue. A recent webinar was held (source: The Pathology Blawg) to address these concerns among laboratories. The link to order the webinar is listed below.

The Pathology Blawg Webinar

A few points which are addressed in the webinar:

Strategies for helping your lab survive the new pricing.
How (and why) CMS established its pricing for molecular tests.
Molecular-testing challenges your laboratory will face in 2014—and how to overcome them.
How to find potential opportunities for your lab despite the new pricing.
How your lab can request—and be awarded—pricing reconsiderations.
Molecular-testing reimbursement and coverage strategies for both commercial and government payers.
Additional coding changes you can expect in 2014—and how to ensure accurate reporting once they’ve been implemented.
Case-study examples of current coding, billing, and reimbursement practices compared with what you’ll need to do in 2014.
The latest payer and fee schedule changes to help your lab adapt to market pressures.