About Cortex

At Cortex
Our driving mission is our clients’ success.

Customer service drives everything we do.

Our focus on customer service distinguishes Cortex as more than a software vendor.

What really sets Cortex apart is our people; Cortex recruits and retains client-focused, flexible and pragmatic professionals. While we take business seriously, we put people first.

About Cortex
Headquartered in the heart of Seattle, Washington, Cortex is a medical software company providing anatomic pathology laboratories and the healthcare community with lab management and revenue cycle management systems. With streamlined, hands-on implementation and personalized training and support, Cortex provides software solutions to our clients across the country that help them serve their customers and meet their business objectives.

Founded in 1983, Cortex began with solutions for laboratory billing and added solutions for anatomic pathology reporting.

Over time, the billing solutions have evolved to serve more and more medical billing needs in emergency rooms, physician practices and billing services.

The Cortex Commitment
Responsiveness is second to none at Cortex – we pride ourselves on not only being quick to respond to inquiries and requests, but to make modifications as quickly as possible when needed.

Experience gained from 30 years in the medical billing and pathology/laboratory business, Cortex is knowledgeable about the evolving needs of medical practices, hospitals, and labs and how to serve those needs through software solutions.

Success is our aim – No one else goes as far as Cortex does to ensure success.

Trustworthiness is what we are known for by our clients – Our clients know they can trust Cortex to have a product that is easy to implement, easy to use and easy to update.

REST assured with Cortex – you have our commitment!