Medical Billing

Cortex RCM™ is fast, efficient and customizable. It is the proven, integrated platform that manages the complexities of all types of medical billing with ease.

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Cortex RCM

A Comprehensive, Flexible RCM Solution.

Cortex Medical Billing is a flexible, comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solution. Cortex Medical Billing is based on the award-wining Microsoft Dynamics SL accounting system.

This easy-to-use system employs the familiar look and feel of Windows applications, making Cortex Medical Billing comfortable to work with and easy to understand.


Get paid faster and streamline
your billing process

Cortex puts you in control with a wide range of features

Customizable reports

Customizable statements for your clients and patients

Unlimited fee schedules

Interface with all vendors

Daily, weekly and monthly AR at your fingertips

Electronic statements, claims and remittance

Easy to Use

  • Internal claim scrubber
  • Reduce denials with streamlined workflow
  • Reduce errors and denials on claims and coding
  • Rapidly produce statements and claims

Increased Productivity and Revenue

  • Get paid faster the first time, with less effort
  • True multi-user system; remote workstations
  • Enhance overall efficiency
  • Maintain cashflow during implementation

Tailored to Your Needs

At Cortex, we believe that medical billing is not “one size fits all” solution. Cortex RCM™ is designed to give you the solutions you need to increase productivity and revenue. Whether you’re a small practice or a large organization, Cortex helps you run a more profitable business.

Trusted for more than Forty Years

Cortex RCM™ is a secure-technology, with easy updates and round-the-clock access.

Integrated Technology

Cortex’s integration ensures that your front office, clinical and outsourced billing teams are always on the same page.


Fast. Easy. Reliable.

Medical billing is not a “one size fits all” solution. Cortex is the right partner that understands your practice, specialization and billing needs.


We have been specializing in laboratory billing since 1983. Our expertise includes, AP labs, clinical labs, dermatopathology labs and others. We understand the many complexities that laboratories face and have the system best equipped to handle your diverse billing scenarios.

Family Practice

Cortex Medical Billing software helps you bill accurately and get paid on time. Cortex offers an easy-to-use system that allows you to focus on your patients’ care.

Other Specialties

Cortex clients also include physical therapy, emergency medicine, family practice, radiology, surgery and other specialties. Contact us today to learn how we can help you in your practice.


What Our Customers Are Saying

The overall feel of the software makes it easy to use.

IT Supervisor, TN

Fastest implementation ever!

Practice Administrator, WI

Overall productivity was increased exponentially.

IT Department, CO

So quick. Our days in AR are awesome! Posting is easy to do!

Practice Administrator, WI

Easy for training new employees.

Billing Manager, CA

Because Cortex software is user-friendly the billing staff is quick and more efficient.

Billing Specialist, CA

One account per patient was a dream come true!

Billing Supervisor, TN

The support staff really care about the Cortex customer.

Billing Supervisor, WY

Easy to navigate. So many options for reports.

Practice Administrator, WI

Streamlined data entry. Go-live was fabulous, great job!

Billing Manager, VA

The Cortex staff was so knowledgeable and helpful!

Billing Supervisor, TN

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