Client Support is Integral to
What We Do at Cortex

We have the right team and the right technology to
support any client challenge.

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Ultimately, we’re in a service business. Meeting our clients’ needs is our passion.

Hands-on Implementation

We think it’s important that every client interaction with Cortex be a positive one.

Software Training

Our training program ensures that your staff is using Cortex solutions to optimum efficiency.

Customized Solutions

While Cortex technologies solve a wide range of challenges, we know that no one client is the same as another.

Updates Made Easier

As our products evolve, we make sure that your applications run with optimum efficiency.

Implementation and Upgrades

Cortex will work with you to understand your processes in order
to implement a system that meets your needs.

Our client orientation process makes implementation seamless.

Our upgrades are technology and industry-driven, while also listening to our clients' needs.

Our in-house development makes customizations fast and easy.

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