Efficiency. Flexibility.

At Cortex, we’ve been perfecting the science of support and system implementation processes since 1983. Our reason for being is to help our clients work more efficiently.

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Cortex Solutions

Medical Billing

Cortex RCM™ manages the complexities of billing with ease.

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Pathology Reporting

Our AP LIS reporting system, Cortex Gold™, is designed for streamlined and efficient work flows that ensure end-to-end high quality patient care with customizable and detailed pathology reports.

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Report Delivery

Cortex Courier™ is our reliable web-based report delivery system that distributes reports seamlessly to your clients.

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Latest Feature

Cortex Workbench™

Cortex Workbench is a new web-based module that increases the efficiency of even the most complicated histology labs. Customizable workflows define any type of lab work. Workbenches show lab personnel all pending work awaiting each step of each process. Barcodes track all items, reduce error rates, and drive the workflows. Automatic data collection allows real-time monitoring of lab workloads and helps managers proactively optimize their labs’ operations.

Cortex is continually evolving and developing smart tools to deliver the best possible patient care. Cortex is dynamic. We anticipate the needs of our clients and deliver state-of-the-art technological solutions.

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Primary Benefit

Innovation. Efficiency.

Cortex offers solutions that are built using best practices, industry knowledge and technical innovation to help our clients do more, more efficiently.

Primary Benefit

Reliable, Responsive Service

Cortex cares. Our clients are supported from day one by our reliable support teams who know your business and understand how to get things done.

Primary Benefit

Unmatched Track Record

Since our founding in 1983, our goal has remained the same: to provide reliable innovative information systems that make billing and reporting easy. Our decades-long client relationships attest to our success.

Our Focused Markets

Cortex Clients Include Labs,
Universities and Clinics

Our mission is to provide comprehensive, transformative technology to our clients, backed by reliable service.

Pathology Labs

We produce customized workflows for your lab. Automatic data collection allows real-time monitoring of lab workloads and helps managers proactively optimize their labs’ operations. With Cortex, deliver accurate, dependable and highly professional final reports.


The Cortex AP LIS allows you to focus on your fast-paced environment while resting assured that you are delivering timely and accurate results to your clients. Cortex enables you to deliver the most concise, readable, and accurate final reports with low administration and custom work flows.


We understand high-volume testing environments. Cortex delivers accuracy with fast turnaround times. Easily track consultations and slides with our robust and dependable LIS.


We understand your needs and the responsibilities you have to your patients. With Cortex you get the accuracy and timeliness you need to deliver the best patient care.


Cortex understands the importance of the educational aspect while delivering high quality, concise, readable and accurate diagnoses. With Cortex you can manage the complexities of the lab with customizable workflows. It is easy to query data, a powerful tool when working in an educational setting.

Other Specialties

Cortex clients also include physical therapy, emergency medicine, family practice, radiology, surgery and other specialties. Contact us today to learn how we can help you in your practice.